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iDealwine has established itself as a leading website for buying, selling and estimating fine wines. Since its creation in 2000, the company has distributed unique fine wines throughout the world. By way of its subsidiary IWA Auction, since 2015 iDealwine has been France’s top online wine auctioneer and one of the world’s leading platforms for online wine auctions. iDealwine is also one of Europe’s leading online wine merchants, selling wines sourced directly from over 500 domains.
From the outset, the business has continued to innovate, offering clients new services that analyse, estimate and appraise wines, for instance WineDex, an application based on Blockchain technology and designed to guarantee the authenticity and traceability of fine wines.

The company

  • Created on 2000-06-01
  • 190 rue d'estienne d'orves, 92700 COLOMBES
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