WineTech's mission

Born of a spontaneous movement of a handful of young entrepreneurs, WineTech has been able, in just 4 years, to dig its furrow in the landscape of the French wine industry. Technological innovations, intelligent solutions, new consumption practices … There are many opportunities for La WineTech to showcase the colors of French viticulture. In an increasingly competitive global market, La WineTech is betting on the digital shift to revitalize the sector, and reconnect with consumers.

At the beginning of 2020, La WineTech goes a step further and formalizes its existence by structuring itself in an associative form. Now at the heart of the French ecosystem of wine innovation, La WineTech’s mission is to enhance the entire value chain of the wine sector.


In order to represent the diversity of innovations throughout the sector, the association is structured into 4 colleges.

1 - Production College

It brings together companies contributing, through goods or services, to the management of land and vines, to the production of wine, to the management or financing of wine-growing.

2 - Distribution College

It brings together companies selling wine to professionals or


3 - College of Experience

It brings together companies providing recommendation services, the collaborative economy for the consumer or wine tourism.


4 - College of Uses

It brings together companies providing goods and services improving consumption, packaging, product and price traceability or wine management.

In addition to these colleges, the Sector Advisory Council (SAC) brings together honorary members, benefactors, partners and investors who share the association’s values ​​of innovation and sharing.

The President and the Board Administration

Laurent David Président
Neo-winemaker "Château Edmus" Grand Cru Saint-Emilion, founder of Wine Angels, former Apple and Nokia
Vincent Chevrier Président d'honneur
Vinoteam's founder
Benoît Lacour Secrétaire
CHAIS D’ŒUVRE's founder
Loïc Tanguy Trésorier
LES GRAPPES's founder
Arthur Gosset Représentant du Collège 1
Product Manager of WIZIFARM
Erwann de Barry Représentant du collège 2
TWIL's founder
Thomas Dayras Représentant du collège 3
MATCHA's founder
Philippe Pujau Représentant du collège 4
CAVEASY's founder