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logo winalist


3 - Experience

Winalist is a web platform available in 11 languages which helps visitors from all over the world to book wine tourism experiences easily.


2 - Distribution

Entrust your alcohol excise declarations to the leading European network, with complete peace of mind at the best price


2 - Distribution

Platform that enables to grow the business and the visibility of +8000 French liquor stores and all their providers.


1 - Production

Boissons Delame created "La Dame Bleue", the first range of organic, authentic, local, eco-friendly French wines, with a zero carbon footprint.

bottlebooks logo


2 - Distribution

Bottlebooks is a platform for the management of wine and spirits digital product sheets that allows to collect, manage and share this information.

DOl Dégustation Online

2 - Distribution

Subscribe to a DOl, receive 3 bottles at home and participate in the interactive live video tasting from the winemaker's cellar! It's a new and cool experience to live from home with friends!

Logo Aveine


4 - Uses

Aveine develops connected objects for professionals and wine lovers. These objects promote the French “art de vivre”, based on discovery, pleasure and sharing.


4 - Uses

Wine and spirit storage and logistic solutions, flow management, web services linked to the business to make our customers life easier!


3 - Experience

Matcha offers sales technologies to all wine, beer and spirits sellers, including online and in-shop retailers, wholesalers, and importers.


4 - Uses

Best of Wine, anytime. Wikeeps is a dispensing and conservation system based on a patented oenological gas.


3 - Experience

Become a Connaisseur ! Wine learning companion with a mobile App to know the theory & a set of Wine tasting packs to practice @home in DIY


4 - Uses

Wine by the glass refashioned, more convenient, effective, intelligent. The result: a connected wine bar that serves three different wines at their right temperature, immediately and continuously.

logo wizifarm


1 - Production

Wizifarm is an ecosystem of digital solutions designed to simplify the daily lives of farmers and winemakers, Wizifarm solutions are simple, fun and interoperable.


4 - Uses

The ultra-simple, fine-wines-by-the-glass solution for food & beverage businesses

Dans Ma Bouteille

4 - Uses

Dans Ma Bouteille® is the world 1st digital platform for nutritional data on ingredients and food additives in a bottle of wine.