The media group 100% vine and wine

Vitisphere publishes web platforms for information, networking and services dedicated to wine and wine professionals with four business lines: information, with daily BtoB news and three news letters, online ads with Vitijob, Intervignes and Vinokaz, business services: e-advertising, virtual shows, webmarketing, directory Vindexer professionals in the sector and the organization of exhibitions: Bubbles expo and Dionysud.


Cluster of the wine sector in New Aquitaine

Inno’Vin now brings together more than 130 companies (producers and suppliers), institutions and research centers. This association aims to spread innovation within the wine sector to promote its competitiveness, by animating the ecosystem, helping its members to develop innovative projects, and providing them with personalized services. Since its creation in 2010, Inno’vin has successfully supported more than 85 projects.


The Vertical Consulting Agency for Wines and Spirits

SOWINE is a marketing and communication consulting agency based in Paris and Bordeaux, dedicated to the world of wines & spirits and gastronomy. In partnership with Le Figaro Vin, SOWINE observes changes in wine consumption and purchasing patterns in France, and publishes the results of this survey each year in the SOWINE Barometer.

The Vinocamp

The event of the wine start-ups

The Vinocamp was born in July 2010. It now has about twenty edition throughout France, Switzerland, the United Kingdom and Portugal. This is a two-day community event. Seasonal and itinerant, it brings together wine enthusiasts and professionals around debates on current topics related to wine, communication, commerce, the web and innovation.


Food and Wine startups accelerator

Based in Bordeaux, France, we are an international startup accelerator focusing on Food, Beverages and Hospitality. We bring together entrepreneurs and large corporations. We grow startups, opening our corporate partners’ infrastructure and providing startups with both top mentoring and seed-capital investments. We assist large corporations working with startups, accelerating their digitization and embracing open innovation, worldwide.

The FoodTech

The FoodTech thematic network of La FrenchTech

FoodTech Dijon Bourgogne Franche-Comté aims to support, on its territory, all innovative entrepreneurial initiatives, from fork to fork. It covers the entire value chain, from production to consumption, through processing and distribution. FoodTech Dijon BFC is an ecosystem built around a network of business and innovation hubs, favorable to the emergence and support of innovative startups in the food sector.

Les Parcelles

The Co-Working office dedicated to wine

Founded by the meeting of entrepreneurs passionate about wine and digital, @LesParcelles is a collaborative workspace. Worn by Vinternet agency, @LesParcelles currently federates 5 agencies and 2 start-ups.

CRF Assurances

The Insurance Facilitator of Startups

Since 1999, CRF Assurances – Brokers Insurance Experts and Independents – work with more than 550 innovative companies in the management of their financial risks and their disputes. CRF Assurances negotiates dedicated insurance solutions, regardless of the stage of development of the company – from the first fundraising to the international development, until the IPO on a French market or foreign.