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Know wine at your fingertips

Mobile app to know everything about wine: as a wine learning companion you access a database on the wine regions of France and 40 other countries, reference domains, exceptional wines, food and wine pairings, vintages, grape varieties etc… and a Quiz to test your knowledge!


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Cuvée Privée

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From your vines… to your glass!

Cuvée Privée allows you to adopt vines in prestigious vineyards in France. The exceptional wines they produced are then yours to cherish!


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Meet your wine affinities

The application which allows those who like making the wine, to those who like selling it and to those who like tasting it to meet.


Le Chant des Caves

Le Chant des Caves

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Wine selection from the small winemakers

Le Chant des Caves aims to make you discover the wines from small productions. We select among passionate winemakers, in love with their region and their profession, the best quality of wine. Browse through the regions, appellations and specificities of each wine to create your own selection, delivered to your home in France and Belgium.


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The Natural Wine App

Raisin, The Natural Wine App, is on a mission to be as representative and reliable as possible regarding the information we offer to natural wine lovers around the world. With over 70,000 downloads, our application’s positive impact aims to democratize and give access to natural wine for all.



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VinX is a Blockchain based Platform that enables wineries to streamline funding by selling wine futures & developing direct connections with their consumers.


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Vin Buddies

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A.I. powered personalized wine scoring system

We help drinkers choose the right wine via an A.I. powered platform to assign personal scores on individual wines based on their taste preferences. It’s also a powerful tool for merchants as it enables them to send offers to the right customers.


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Let your taste decide!

VinMaské has been created for all wine lovers. With our concept you will receive 3 anonymous wine samples. Just taste them blindly and select which one is your favourite : you will receive one bottle of it and will discover its origin. You will discover and love some new wines especially selected for you thanks to our close partnership with winemakers.


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Chais d'œuvre


Discover, taste and buy

Chais d’oeuvre is a club for wine lovers, founded by Manuel Peyrondet Mailer Sommelier de France, enabling private individuals to constitute a wine cellar


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The fusion between passionate winemakers and inspired artists.

Vinochromie is the curation of oeno-artistic events for both professionals and the general public. The objective is to discover selected wines via the experience of original artistic creations. Whether it is the quick drink afterwork, a detailed wine tasting, or an oeno-creative workshop, Vinochromie has captured the imagination of nearly 10,000 enthusiasts of new oenological experiences throughout France over the past five years.