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Simplicity of undertaking

Wizifarm is a new ecosystem of digital solutions designed especially for farmers and wine growers. All of Wizifarm’s tools are designed to be effective electronic assistants, providing daily support to users, saving time and improving business performance.


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Connect your chateau to the world to sell better and sell more

WineTV, is a french society based in Bordeaux, specialized in château´s digital transformation.

New technologies came to our world like a comet, and the world of wine can’t ignore it. With the massive development of internet it became essential for every château to have a online presence.

Today, being called “french wine” is not enough to sell your wine. Consumers want to know more. And they want it now.

WineTV support you to go through this important technological journey

We help you to take the control of your communication, to create a special link with your consumers, to differentiate your château from competitors

You will reach your consumers all over the world with wonderful video clip of your château, with punchy socials medias, and a modern website to help you selling more and selling better.

WineTV combines various services into turn-key solutions where organizations gain way to succeed all over the world, to create high added value.

It is time to adapt your communication to your era, to change and modernize everything, to be proud to promote a system of ethics values to pass to the next generations the best gift possible : a bright future !

More than a provider, WineTV is a real trusted partner with an “assemblage” of skills regrouped for you


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Unbreakable Trust

O°wine engraved on each bottle of Grands Crus a unique and unbreakable code and proof of ownership based on BlockChain , fighting against counterfeit, stealing, and also provides to the Winery a complete tracking of the bottle all along its life, and enriched your consumer experience. O°wine est un produit de la marque O°code.


vie du vin

La vie du vin

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La Vie Du Vin provides wine producers with routes and environment conditions of their bottles, from the winery to the consumption.


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Wine Digital Agency & Engineering Consultancy

VitaVinum is a wine startup located in Burgundy. We are specialized in wine data analysis. We have developed several algorithms and one of the largest wine database in the world, which enable us to define the sensorial profile of each wine that is commercialized. Our aim: connect vineyard, wine and digital thanks to our wine expertise and our know-how about the latest technological innovations.


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Wine By The Glass Technologies

Advineo designs, manufactures and distributes wine preservation and service solutions, dedicated to horeca professionals and wine merchant and retailers.


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Integrated winemaker distribution platform

Provides an end to end winemaker oriented distribution and logistic platform to automate all sales process regardless of the client type [B2C – B2B – Export] or Business model [ direct to consumer – whole seller – agent – marketplaces] bringing simplicity, efficiency and value by reinventing the current supply chain.


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Simple, safe and fast, better wines at better prices for professionals

VIINUP is the first digital marketplace dedicated to Swiss hotels and restaurants to purchase Italian, Spanish, French and Swiss wines directly from suppliers. VIINUP is the ideal tool to allow wine suppliers to develop their sales and improve their net margin (marketing, sales, orders management, invoicing, payment). And for Swiss Hotels and Restaurants who benefit from a complete, simple, safe and fast purchase solution (selection, advice on cards, price comparison, orders, accounting management) with better prices (no intermediaries).

viinup.ch   shop.viinup.ch

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The wine marketplace for professionals

Actiwine launches the first marketplace 100% online for wine professionals, which allows to negotiate and to close a transaction in a few minutes.


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Wine jobs worldwide

Since 2003, our English-speaking team has been helping wine companies around the world manage their human resources and seek new talents.