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Connect your chateau to the world to sell better and sell more

WineTV, is a french society based in Bordeaux, specialized in château´s digital transformation.

New technologies came to our world like a comet, and the world of wine can’t ignore it. With the massive development of internet it became essential for every château to have a online presence.

Today, being called “french wine” is not enough to sell your wine. Consumers want to know more. And they want it now.

WineTV support you to go through this important technological journey

We help you to take the control of your communication, to create a special link with your consumers, to differentiate your château from competitors

You will reach your consumers all over the world with wonderful video clip of your château, with punchy socials medias, and a modern website to help you selling more and selling better.

WineTV combines various services into turn-key solutions where organizations gain way to succeed all over the world, to create high added value.

It is time to adapt your communication to your era, to change and modernize everything, to be proud to promote a system of ethics values to pass to the next generations the best gift possible : a bright future !

More than a provider, WineTV is a real trusted partner with an “assemblage” of skills regrouped for you