Easy Bacchus makes the wine easy & funny for everyone!

Wine is complicated for most of consumers… how to choose, how to taste? At Easy Bacchus, we believe that wine should be just easy & fun!

We offer a new way to customer to select and buy their perfect wine, playing with their bottle:

✓ Scratch & Sniff the wine’s main flavor (cheery, plum…)
✓ Touch & Feel the wine’s texture (light, strong…)
✓ Look & Discover the best occasion (romantic, party…) and wine pairing (duck, chicken, pizza…) to accompany the wine with.
✓ Scan & Discover more information about the wine, reviews, tasting…

Easy Bacchus offers innovative smart wine & spirits label, multisensory & connected. Enabling to jump sales and make a real marketing difference, every Easy Bacchus label is entirely customizable for each of our clients from the label design to the landing page associated. Easy Bacchus mobile app is under development.