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Cuvée Privée

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From your vines… to your glass!

Cuvée Privée allows you to adopt vines in prestigious vineyards in France. The exceptional wines they produced are then yours to cherish!


vie du vin

La vie du vin

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La Vie Du Vin provides wine producers with routes and environment conditions of their bottles, from the winery to the consumption.


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The Natural Wine App

Raisin, The Natural Wine App, is on a mission to be as representative and reliable as possible regarding the information we offer to natural wine lovers around the world. With over 70,000 downloads, our application’s positive impact aims to democratize and give access to natural wine for all.


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Keep focus on the basics, your taste!

How can you find the wine that corresponds to your tastes other than having to trust other wine tasters’ opinions? MyOeno has developed an object connected to a mobile application that objectively characterizes the style of the wine you are savouring, memorizes your preferences and makes appropriate suggestions.


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Customize your events

Specialist in the customization of wine bottles and wooden cases. Digital color printing and laser engraving.


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The dating website for wine lovers

Find your soul mate among thousands of amateur or professional wine lovers around the world. On the website or during a VineaLoveNight, find true love at first sip!


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Find & buy wines matching your taste

Hapiwine is a free mobile application based on sensory analysis that allows you to create your oenological profile in two minutes and offers personalized wine recommendations that are refined over the course of your tastings. Conceived with Eric Beaumard, best word sommelier. For Wine lovers & discoverers.


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Wine jobs worldwide

Since 2003, our English-speaking team has been helping wine companies around the world manage their human resources and seek new talents.


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Premium wine in cans

Winestar offers a range of award-winning, vintaged, AOC grade wines in cans. Thanks to the Winestar technology, the cans perfectly protect the wines, without altering the taste.


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Wine Services


The Marketing and Sales solution for Fine Wines and Champagnes

Wine Services is a leading company in the field of Marketing information for luxury Wine Producers. Thank to its unique data collection capacity on distribution (On & Of Trade), tasting notes and press articles, the company provides its clients with a clear and precise view of the strengths and weaknesses of their Brand. Wine Services is a unique tool to optimize marketing and sales actions.