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Unbreakable Trust

O°wine engraved on each bottle of Grands Crus a unique and unbreakable code and proof of ownership based on BlockChain , fighting against counterfeit, stealing, and also provides to the Winery a complete tracking of the bottle all along its life, and enriched your consumer experience. O°wine est un produit de la marque O°code.


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The Natural Wine App

Raisin, The Natural Wine App, is on a mission to be as representative and reliable as possible regarding the information we offer to natural wine lovers around the world. With over 70,000 downloads, our application’s positive impact aims to democratize and give access to natural wine for all.


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Vin Buddies

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A.I. powered personalized wine scoring system

We help drinkers choose the right wine via an A.I. powered platform to assign personal scores on individual wines based on their taste preferences. It’s also a powerful tool for merchants as it enables them to send offers to the right customers.


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Customize your events

Specialist in the customization of wine bottles and wooden cases. Digital color printing and laser engraving.


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The wine marketplace for professionals

Actiwine launches the first marketplace 100% online for wine professionals, which allows to negotiate and to close a transaction in a few minutes.