The world-wine coalition of wine start-ups

La WineTech’s aim is to bring new solutions to the wine industry. We have brought together the leading companies, websites, mobile applications, and other technologies that provide new ways to discover, choose, consume or buy wine.

La WineTech is not a French-only organization. More and more companies are currently joining La WineTech to create the first world-wide coalition of wine startups.

Born in France in 2016, La WineTech has grown rapidly  across the world. Over 70 companies from several nations around the world have joined our movement to create the first global coalition of wine start-ups with a shared mission of creating new ways to discover, choose, store, consume and buy wine.

All La WineTech companies aim to improve the wine industry using and developing the latest innovations in artificial intelligence, image recognition, recommendation algorithms, collaborative economies, blockchain technology, and online marketplaces.

The diversity of ideas and solutions that arise from our global coalition have contributed to the unique solutions created by our member companies for all members of the industry, from producers, importers, retailers, and the general public!


Le Club is a division of La WineTech that acts like an incubator. Members of Le Club are not formal members of La WineTech as they are usually in the early stages of their company, but they all share the coalition’s objectives and are able to take advantage of the group’s shared knowledge and resources.

After one year in Le Club, companies may become a full member of La WineTech once accepted by our admission panel. Acceptance to La WineTech comes with unrestricted access to our internal communication tools.

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Aveine fête ses 3 ans d’existence ! Un grand merci à vous pour votre soutien tout au long de ces 3 années ! On a hâte de vous montrer la suite !

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